In these challenging times are your teams:

Stressed – Disconnected – De-motivated & need some happiness @ work??


We deliver resilient, happy & powerful people & organisations!

Book Shareen  for your next function or event & give your teams easy to use, sustainable, cutting edge tools to HAPPY UP your office!

Why Book Shareen And Her Team?

If your people are stressed, negative, disconnected and miserable….you NEED to get them happy! Happy Companies make more money, perform better in depressed economies and are waaaaaay more fun to work for!

Give your teams a fun way to motivate themselves, cope with stress and  HAPPY UP the office. Did you know:

  • Happy employees are give twice as much effort to any task
  • Have 65% more energy
  • Stay in their role 4 times longer
  • Are 5 times more productive

Laughter Coaching is an amazingly FUN, INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING activity for your team. Tools used are based on medical research from Harvard, UC Berckley amd MIT. It’s powerful and FUN, participants will learn practical, easy tools that they can take away and use at home and at work life, long after the team build is over.

It’s positive, shifts people into a happy state instantly, enhances communications skills and allows teams to bond effectively with one another. The effects can be measured days and weeks after just one event.

If you are looking for something effective, fun and engaging for your next conference, team building, sales meeting or event we will deliver a powerful presentation that will leave the participants feeling instantly “happier”, less stressed and equipped with the tools and strategies needed to cope and thrive in challenging times. Presentations range from half an hour to 2 days and are customised to ensure your objectives are always met!

Happy Laughter Coaching Team Build

“Staff efficiency levels can increase by as much as 30% in organisations that introduce FUN and LAUGHTER” – Harvard Business


Shareen’s inspiring programs are available for:

Team Building

Kick stress in the butt with this fun and interactive team build. Laughter Coaching connects and energises teams. It’s SUPER fun and teaches them how to beat stress, get happy and have more fun at work. This fun Team Build can be done anywhere even in your boardroom.

Motivational Speaker

Shareen is an International Laughter & Happiness Professor, Motivational speaker, MC and Coach. She gives relevant, fresh, inspiring, hands on and life changing key note addresses, appears regularly in media around the world. Her expertise is in transforming individuals, teams & organisations into more happier, productive, motivated and successful ones.


Highly interactive, engaging and thought provoking, Shareen’s talks and presentations can command an audience of any size and demographic. Her “Stress-Less” programmes have shifted over 30 000 people and changed their lives for the better… If you want something fresh, fun and thought provoking, that’s going to change the energy of the audiences…giving lots of “take away” tools….book Shareen for your next conference, she will have an entire room full of people laughing and engaging together.  Shareen is dynamic and inspiring. Book Shareen for an experience you will never forget!


Transform your entire organisation into one that is made up of motivated, healthy, happy, productive and energetic staff. Shareen’s Happiness @ Work Training delivers easy to use tools and strategies ensuring people are happier & companies more profitable. Enquire today about the Transformational Programmes and Happiness Toolkit.

Sunday 27th March 2016

Book NOW for The “Laugh & Dance” Workshop

BOOK NOW: Laugh & Dance,  De Stress Workshop Sunday 27th March 2016

Are you feeling tired and have no energy? Do you feel stressed or like life is out of control? The Laugh & Dance,  De Stress Workshop will help you to shift the way feel in an instant. It’s a huge amount of fun, and you will feel the stress “lift off your body and soul”.  Imagine being empowered with easy and simple tools that you can take home with you. If you’re stressed and need an outlet, let me help change the way that you feel  and help you to cope and live life to the fullest! It’s fun, it’s inspirational, there is music and movement and you will laugh your head off!! 27th March 2016 BOOK NOW its Laugh and Dance Morning If you can’t make the workshop and would prefer to address your individual issues then the Happiness Life Coaching is for you. The coaching is done over 6 weeks, one-on-one, teaching you the tools and techniques that you can implement in your life to help you change the way you are feeling and cope in challenging times whenever you may need it. This is NOT like other forms of Life Coaching. I will teach you scientifically proven techniques, that are not time consuming, are easily learnt and can be used at any time of the day, to help you cope with life’s challenges and stress. For more information Click here

When individuals are in a positive, happy state and release their stress, they are more creative, connected, nicer to their customers & each other and work harder!!

Bottom line: Happy individuals create productive and profitable companies.

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About Shareen Richter

Shareen Richter is an international Laughter & Happiness Professor, expert motivational speaker, MC and de-stress coach. She holds two business degrees and has successfully run her own business for 20 years. In her own search for happiness and inner peace she discovered Laughter Coaching. Shareen has studied internationally with the doctor who developed the concept and has developed it into a successful program that has been featured in local and international media.

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What Is Laughter Coaching?

Laughter Coaching is a unique program that makes it possible for anyone to laugh for no reason, at anytime, anywhere, for any duration, without relying on humour, jokes or comedy.

The reason we call it Laughter Coaching is because we are coaching you on how to re-awaken the laughter inside of you.

When we laugh the muscles in our faces and bodies are exercised and our blood pressure and pulse rise temporarily. We also start breathing faster, so more oxygen is transported to the tissues in the body. Let’s have a look at some of the psycho-somatic benefits of using laughter coaching:

SUPER staff wellness

Professionals are under immense amounts of stress in today’s world, and laughter coaching is the easiest and the fastest way to remedy the ill effects of stress hormones in the body. The release of endorphins during laughter helps to change the mood states almost instantaneously and provides a sense of well-being. With Shareen’s style of laughter coaching, everyone can learn to manage their stress levels in the moment, to maintain productivity and to stay positive, regardless of the stressors.

 STOP Absenteeism

Laughter exercises and deep breathing techniques foster good health by fully oxygenating the body and the brain and strengthening the immune system. Healthier employees are more productive, take less sick leave and can contribute more to the corporate culture.